Our Mission

NEPCAM's mission is to enhance the quality of life for poor children and their families in developing countries.


Our Vision

The overall vision of NEPCAM is poverty eradication and sustainable development for children and their families in countries such as Cambodia.

We have, as a major focus, the importance of education within communities.

Our Australian supporters provide the funding which allows NEPCAM to enhance the quality of education and the numbers educated in communities on a long-term sustainable basis.

This is achieved through a number of important practical and direct initiatives through a variety of programs and projects. These include:

  • Child Sponsorship Program: Provides a sponsor with an opportunity to support a child attending primary or secondary school. By donating an annual subscription, the sponsor will ensure that the child will receive an education in all subjects until he or she finishes school in Year 12. In effect, a NEPCAM child sponsorship means a sponsor is linked to a specific child so that his or her future education can be closely monitored and supported by the sponsor through supervised regular contact.


  • Student Scholarship Program: Provides a sponsor with an opportunity to support a student who has the capacity to complete a university degree but because of their poor economic circumstances are unable to afford the fees. This program follows on from the child sponsorship program. It enables the sponsor to either select a potential university student or continue the sponsorship of an existing sponsored student through university. By paying an annual subscription the sponsor will enable the student to receive a free university scholarship from a registered, certified and accredited university in their own country.


  • Gift Shop: This program is aimed at providing a poor child, their family or community with specific items such as, a bag of rice for a starving family, a water pump for a local community, a bike to enable a child to travel to school or some school necessities, such as uniforms, shoes, books or stationery.


  • Community Projects: This program is aimed specifically at providing funds for a specific community project that has been agreed upon by NEPCAM and our on-ground business partner in their relevant country (a locally registered Non-Government Organisation). In the past, we have collected funds for many such projects and these appear from time to time on our Community Projects webpage.


By working closely with our on-ground business partner in the selected country we also ensure that many other community programs are in place which will allow the whole program to remain sustainable. These include:

  • aid funding - paid to schools for sustainable infrastructure projects which benefit the whole student body, and
  • the provision of medical services, temporary accommodation, food or other support, such as clothing and school resources (books, uniforms etc.) to ensure that poor children are healthy, housed, clothed and ready to start school and that they do not miss starting or continuing their school for want of necessities - particularly at the start of new academic years.

Why is NEPCAM so unique?

NEPCAM is driven by a team of volunteers who are committed to helping poor communities in Nepal and Cambodia. As the organisation is totally voluntary, NEPCAM has no paid employees. 

More importantly, NEPCAM is unique because we ensure that all of your education funds are used for the specific purpose of supporting a child or a university student to achieve a worthwhile education. In many cases, NEPCAM has supported poor children who, although they showed potential and a strong willingness and desire to achieve, were unable to pay their school fees and therefore had limited opportunities to gain employment in order to support themselves or their families.  

By providing sufficient funds to pay for a strong education base, your donation will not only potentially change the lives of these students but will also hopefully give them the chance to obtain meaningful employment. Currently, through our 'Sponsor a Student' program, we have students who are hoping to complete their degrees in law, information technology, teaching, accountancy and social work.

By supporting the education of these students, you are helping their families, their communities and their country as a whole.


The Nepcam Executive Committee members are elected from amongst financial members. Financial members are defined as Australian individuals who have donated funds to Nepcam Trust aid Fund during the current financial year or who have provided funds in the past to be used during the current financial year.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the daily running and planning of Nepcam's activities. There are a number of defined positions on the Committee:

Chief Finance Officer,
Sponsorship Coordinator,
Marketing/Fundraising Coordinator


Our Appointees

Robert Langer

As a Manager for an ASX 200 listed company Robert brings over 20 years of experience in project delivery, governance, organisational process and change management to provide stability, executive management and guidance into the future. Robert sponsors two children with his wife Tracey.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tracey Langer
Chief Financial Officer/Secretary

Tracey brings substantial experience gained from assisting in the transformation of small Mum and Dad operations into sound Small to Medium Businesses through sound financial and business processes and ensuring anomalies and discrepancies are uncovered and remedied, including the migration of administration and invoicing of over 300 sponsors from Excel and Word into an integrated computer accounting system and has exemplified her commitment and years of experience in computerised systems. Tracey sponsors two children with her husband Robert.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Positions currently vacant

Child Protection Officer

Marketing/Fundraising Manager

Gift Shop Coordinator

Many Nepcam members provide support and assistance to our Committee and without them Nepcam would be unable to function at its present level. 


What is an NGO?

An NGO is a Non Government Organisations we have partnered with in each country and is responsible for putting your generous donation into action.



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