Cambodian School Child

Free a child from poverty.....

Poor Child


....for less than two dollars a day!





Government education in Cambodia is supposedly free. However teachers are paid a very low wage and sometimes can go months without receiving their salary. To compensate teachers charge each child a 'fee' of between 50c and $1 a day to pay for various services including lessons, photocopies and exam fees. Unfortunately, many poor families in Cambodia earn less than $50 a month, so although the parents know that education is a stepping stone out of poverty, priorities such as food and shelter take precedence and education is often out of their reach.


As the town of Siem Reap is a major tourist destination attracting over two million visitors every year, competence in English will increase the students’ opportunities for employment in their local area. Few government schools provide this service and private schools charge high fees which poor families are unable to afford. Your generous donation to NEPCAM of $50 per month will support a child attending primary or secondary school and will ensure that the student you sponsor will receive a free education in all subjects, including Khmer, English, maths and computer technology. This support can continue, if appropriate, until the student finishes school in Year 12.


Your donation will pay for the government school fees. Additionally your sponsorship will provide daily English lessons at a reputable English school and the necessary school supplies such as text books, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.