Sponsor a Student University  in  Cambodia? 

 ….it's often out of reach,

 but you can make it happen!


Why do we need this program?

In power, the Khmer Rouge closed schools, hospitals and factories, abolished banking, finance and currency, outlawed all religions, confiscated all private property and relocated people from urban areas to collective farms where forced labor was widespread. The purpose of this policy was to turn Cambodians into "Old People" through agricultural labor. These actions resulted in massive deaths through executions, work exhaustion, illness, and starvation.

The Khmer Rouge attempted to turn Cambodia into a classless society by depopulating cities and forcing the urban population ("New People") into agricultural communes. The entire population was forced to become farmers in labour camps.

Books were burned, teachers, merchants, and almost the entire intellectual elite of the country were murdered, to make the agricultural communism, as Pol Pot envisioned it, a reality. During their four years in power, the Khmer Rouge overworked and starved the population, at the same time executed selected groups who had the potential to undermine the new state (including intellectuals or even those that had stereotypical signs of learning, such as glasses).

Now free of this ruthless regime, Cambodians are desperately trying to look to the future, however, they are still hampered by economic constraints.

There are a lot of students in Cambodia who, despite achieving outstanding results at secondary school, cannot afford to pay for tertiary education and, while they understand that their biggest stepping stone out of poverty is through education, the cost of universtity is well beyond the means of most Year 12 students.


Would you like to help?

The NEPCAM student sponsorship program provides you with an opportunity to support a student who has the capacity to complete a university degree but, because of poor economic circumstances, is unable to afford the fees.

Your sponsorship of a university student will significantly increase their ability to gain full time employment. Just as importantly, your sponsorship will impact greatly on the sponsored student's family, community and country.

By paying an annual subscription, you will enable the student to receive a free university scholarship from a registered, certified and accredited university in Cambodia.

Your donation will pay for the student's university fees, as well as necessities such as text books, notebooks, pens pencils etc..

Existing Sponsors

Existing sponsors who have supported a child through primary and secondary school have the option of continuing their sponsorship through university if the student has shown potential, achieved the necessary pass mark and has demonstrated a willingness to work hard.

Depending on the type of course the student elects to study, most annual university fees are similar to the cost of an annual child sponsorship.

New Student Sponsorships

There are many students who complete Year 12, achieve the necessary results to gain entry into university but, because of their family circumstances, are unable to afford the university fees. These students all try very hard to find work but find it difficult to earn sufficient funds to support themselves, their families and, at the same time, attend university.

Your contribution will enable a student to maximise the education they received through primary and secondary school and will contribute greatly to their family, their community and, in the long term, their country.